Nobel Peace Prize for Sustainable Development

A Nobel Peace Prize for Sustainable Development, one that not only recognizes achievement but would also improve humanity’s future prospects.  You can help make it happen.  Please Nominate or Endorse the proposal.  Anyone can endorse the proposal, and millions of people are qualified to nominate for the Peace Prize but don’t know it.  And please share this effort.  Personal shares (email, phone call, and in person) work best.  Or share the address on lists or with the social networking buttons below.

Our HomeAs so many studies indicate, the ecosystems of Earth have been seriously disrupted by humanity’s  unsustainable development practices.  Adoption of a model of truly sustainable development has never been more urgently needed, and its champions warrant recognition.  Our present unsustainable mainstream model of development is a flawed model that presumes the possibility of unlimited, exponential growth.  As we continue to overshoot Earth’s ecological capacities, the predictions manifest increasingly: famine, flood, drought, political turmoil within and between nations, and mass migrations of environmental and climate refugees.  Without the rapid adoption of true sustainable development on a grand scale humanity’s future prospects for peace and security are slim.

The award of a Nobel Peace Prize to key figures in the field of Sustainable Development may help us move away from our present unsustainable extractive, consumptive, and wasteful economic model.  We therefore propose that the Peace Prize be awarded jointly to:

  • The Club of Rome for bold foresight in commissioning the Limits to Growth study done at MIT in the early 1970s.
  • Dr. Herman Daly, for attempting to revolutionize our thinking by placing the human economy within the finite ecology of our small, shared planet with Ecological Economics of which he is the founder.
  • Jorge Mario Bergoglio, otherwise known as Pope Francis, for bravely challenging the status quo of an economic growth model that has created gross social inequities and undermined the sustainability of human civilization.

Humanity’s highest honor is the Nobel Peace Prize.  A Peace Prize for true sustainable development honoring the contributions of these nominees contributing to a legacy of greater sustainability.  You very likely know people who are Qualified Nominators since there are so many.  You may even be so qualified but not know it!  Elected members of legislatures and governments of states can nominate.  It is unclear whether state governments life California or New York are included, but it won’t hurt to assume so.   University professors of social sciences, history, law, philosophy, and theology are also qualified to nominate for the Peace Prize.  So please consider contacting the Qualified Nominators you know.  And do help us spread the word.

  1. If you have received the Nobel Peace Prize, please use this link to make your nomination as a Peace Prize Laureate.
  2. Otherwise check to see if you are a Qualified Nominator, since many such people not aware of it.  If so, please nominate indicating under which definition you qualify by completing the statement “I am a Qualified Nominator since I am…” on the Qualified Nominator page.
  3. If you are not a Qualified Nominator, please support the effort by endorsing our public proposal.

We sincerely appreciate your assistance in achieving Nobel Peace Prize recognition for Sustainable Development.


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