This effort is led by a group of teachers and practitioners of Ecological Economics.  We are advancing this proposal for a Nobel Peace Prize award to seminal figures in the field of Sustainable Development.  We ask for your support and assistance.

We must state clearly, however, that the original meaning of sustainable development has been transformed and diluted in many common usages.  The prevailing mainstream ‘growth’ economics has attempted to ‘green’ itself with such fallacious terms as ‘green growth’ and ‘sustainable growth.’  This website and the Nobel Peace Prize proposal it promotes is dedicated to reasserting the true meaning of the term sustainable development, namely, the creation of patterns in society that satisfy the needs of current generations without compromising the needs of future generations.

Please read and endorse our Proposal by completing the Endorsement Form.  Share this website with friends, colleagues and associates who are likely to support the effort.  With the current speed and magnitude of ecological decline, this Nobel Peace Prize can be considered a matter of great urgency.

If you are a Qualified Nominator for the Nobel Peace Prize you can make this nomination using the Qualified Nomination Form, or contact us directly by email to stuart.h.scott@gmail.com.

Sincere thanks,

Stuart Scott
Founder and Executive Director
United Planet Faith & Science Initiative

Advisory Board