The Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Wangari Maathai in 2004 was madefor her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace.” Thus sustainable development has already been recognized by the Nobel Committee as essential to future peace and stability.

The Nobel Committee has further acknowledged “that its concept of peace now also embraces efforts to limit the harm done by man-made climate change and threats to the environment,” as also evidenced in the shared award to the IPCC and Al Gore in 2007, themed for promoting awareness of the threat of climate change to world peace and human well-being.

There is a growing concern among diplomats, governments, scientists, economists, corporations, central bankers, policy makers and citizens around the world that our global model of development is unsustainable and leading toward climatic and ecological collapse.  A Nobel Peace Prize award to champions of true Sustainable Development would aid a paradigm shift by reshaping economics to respond to ecological limits, redefining progress, creating a more socially just distribution of wealth and income, and providing a meaningful and fulfilling future for our children. Is making and spending money all of what life is all about?